Traveling to new and unfamiliar places is exhilarating and filled with anticipation to explore the unknown. However, it is unwise to go blindly into this unknown. A mild example would be arriving at Letaba with a suitcase packed with clothing to keep you warm only to realize you are in South Africa's hottest region. The planning of a seamless journey can be a calculated affair or a haphazard series of events that does not come together and its often the first major step for a traveler. Travel anxiety is real, but with pre-planning one can conquer it.



HCI Procurement strives to be a reliable partner to the real traveler by offering a value-added, total solution for their destination management needs. This includes accredited transport and concierge services. From needs assessment to after-tour support, HCI creates and manages the supply chain. Thus providing the best value for your money. Through our experience and expertise, we are able and committed to deliver cost-effective strategic solutions to support the traveler’s goals. Our bigger mission goes beyond the confines of profits where we believe in tackling the woes and pitfalls of the orphaned tourism industry head-on.


Three primary activities, or building blocks, that bring about a seamless journey are:



The mandate of this building block is to bring number one care to incoming tourism from all over the world in any number. It helps travelers to plan their itinerary by providing needed information, making suggestions and ensuring that everything is catered for and well-managed every mile of the journey.

In short, this block sews together itineraries and tour packages only at the behest of prospective travelers or travel representative.

The procurement agency model generally allows travelers to put out a “request for proposal.” The traveler will detail their idea of a dream tour, what they need done, information about how they want the tour to go, and any other relevant details on the scope of the journey.

We will source for service providers through a competitive procurement system, shortlist prospective suppliers, verify their statutory endorsements, professional accreditation, inspect their offerings and make sure of suitability and affordable quality.
We then make a proposal to the traveler for consideration and amendments where necessary.

Once a mandate is given we will compile itineraries and tour packages from this shortlist. We retain full management, control and liability thereof. When everything is confirmed, we make the necessary payments.



As a core, this block, covers scheduled, unscheduled and chartered public transport services by road for the carriage of tourists to and from attractions according to the itinerary. Which even includes transfers of tourist, for example from hotels to airports and vise versa.

This block holds the road map to the most sought-after tourist destinations in Southern Africa and South Africa's flagship nature reserves, including Kruger National Park with its nine gates of Crocodile Bridge, Malelane, Numbi, Phabeni, Paul Kruger, Orpen, Phalaborwa, Punda Maria and Pafuri.



Our unrivaled travel concierge services offer travelers access to a chaperon from the moment one engages us until one returns home.

This block supports every request made to ensure the traveler enjoys a perfect journey. Before one travels, one would have received a dedicated contact number for personal support to any request one makes during their stay.

Our ground handling services includes a friendly team of “meet and greet” staff who will ensure that travelers are properly welcomed, well-settled and transported swiftly and safely from one point to another. Tourism guardianship should at all cost go beyond the journey and the confines of profits where the law of reciprocity applies.



Once a selected beneficiary of the NDT's incubation programme, we saw no further need to piggy-back on anyone else's ticket but powering on independently. It is this independence that helps as to focus on the travellers and avoided the herd mentality that thrives on conformism.

As a result, we focus on projects that are genuinely in the best interest of the travellers. It is professional accreditations, statutory endorsements and exposure to global standards that can bring results, improve focus and capacity.

With that in mind we will assist in making tourism the priority sector it needs to be without limiting ourselves to the protectionism ideologies that prevails. Why should we be the shadow when we can be the light? We answer to nobody but the traveler who crowns our existence.


We aim to procure on behalf of our tourist the highest quality product and service based on the role that the brand is playing as part of the tourist's journey.

An organized, efficient and effective team that ensures exceptional customer experience is something our company purposefully strive for. We are viscerally convinced that the customer experience value chain involves really understanding travelers' wants and needs.

Our mission is to keep on discovering incredible experiences, fascinating things and people, and vibrant communities on the route where we serve and to build key business skills around these areas.

The best way to scale and systematically improve the experiences we deliver, is by understanding our performance rate and use the data to improve. We need to always surround ourselves with technology experts and caring individuals who understand the value of customer service and can empathetically step into the tourists' shoes and find better ways to satisfy them using the latest trends in technology.

We are aware that those who lead in customer experience enjoy radically greater top-line revenue per year than their peers by doing a better job of managing their customers' experience. We intend on following through.


HCI streamlines a host of reputable local service providers along its routes for the convenience of the tourist and provides the most flexi transfer services on its routes. Linking them to major airports, game lodges and safari operations.

There are daily shuttles between OR Tambo Airport and the nine gates of the KNP with three departures from each gate every single week, placing the total coming and going trips to the KNP gates at twenty-seven per week.

Our route map is intertwined that a traveler’s journey can start at OR Tambo Airport and cover three provinces, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo via scenic routes and across the border to neighboring countries of Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho without using a single road twice returning to OR Tambo.


The aim is to provide high quality products and services at an affordable cost thus attracting travelers across the spectrum.

Conventional wisdom has it that offerings in the tourism and hospitality industries are too expensive for the domestic market and inflated for international travelers. We are exploring business models and acquisition strategies that makes quality offerings accessible to more than just the top end of the market.

The traveler can expect to see the price barriers slowly lowered without compromising the quality when using competitive procurement methods. Traveling without breaking the bank mechanism places pre-planning the tour many months before the journey top of our list, however, there are more arsenals in our quest to rid the sector of exorbitant fees.

The other mechanisms come in the shape of low-fee independent tourism entrepreneurs, workplace training of unemployed graduates into entrepreneurs for the tourism. This will bring new players into the sector, creating more choice for the traveler.